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Terra Naturalis Association uses cookies on its website. These cookies are files that are downloaded to your computer through the web pages. They are essential elements for the correct provision of services to the information society. Among other things, they store and recover information about the user's browsing data and, in this specific case, they can recognize the user and improve the service offered by the website.

Cookie types

They depend essentially on the entity that manages the domain and on the way in which the data is treated, however, two types can be distinguished: own cookies and third party cookies in the case of the property. They can also be classified according to the time they are stored, which in this case would be called session cookies or persistent cookies. Finally, if they are defined by the function or purpose for which the data is processed, we would have 5 groups; technical, analysis, personalisation, advertising and behavioural advertising cookies.
or more information, please consult the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Cookies used on this website

Below are identified the cookies that are being used in this portal as well as their typology and function: Category 1: strictly necessary cookies
Category 2: behavioural cookies
Category 3: functionality cookies
Category 4: third party cookies (Facebook and Twitter)

Acceptance of the Cookie Policy

Terra Naturalis Association assumes that you accept the use of cookies when you browse our website. In any case, at each different login you will be asked to accept the Cookie Policy again, so that you are aware of it.
In any case, even if you have accepted the use of cookies, you can modify, restrict, block or delete them using your own browser:

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